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This site isn't quite a BLOG (short for weblog) and, I hope, is more than a vanity site. I've set up the site to make available two different types of articles that I've written. First, there is a series of policy articles relating to local issues in Northern Virginia, state issues in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole, and, occasionally, national issues. Second, there is a series of home repair and remodeling articles that I've been writing since the early 1990s for the Virginia Hills Echo.

I've designed this site using CSS (cascading style sheets). If you don't know what that means, you probably don't need or want to know. However, one of the capabilities of CSS is to allow a page printed from a web site to look different (and better, I hope) than it otherwise would – different fonts, navigation tools hidden, colors set to black and white, that kind of thing. So if you print an article or policy paper and the formatting is not what you saw on your screen, that's deliberate.

Enjoy the site! Comments are always welcome.

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I believe that web page designers should write good HTML code that follows the established rules. I therefore validate my web pages with the free W3C HTML Validator. To go to the W3C site, click on the icon.

I design my pages with Macromedia's Homesite 5.5 and my graphics with JASC's Paint Shop Pro. I use the Yahoo engine as the search engine for these pages because, when searching the web, it seems to do a slightly better job for me. No, none of these companies pay me to say this, unfortunately.